Hot Stone Massage in Tecom

AED 550 60 min
AED 750 90 min

Natural stones are one of the oldest remedies that people used to restore strength and energy of the body. Modern hot stone massage in Dubai includes the best elements of classical Oriental techniques and modern techniques based on deep scientific knowledge. Your gain after the session will be tranquility, health and mental equilibrium.

How useful and pleasant is the stone massage

This massage uses heated stones of volcanic origin, with different shapes and weights; it enhances the health of all body systems and organs and its complementary action on the energy centers strengthens the spirit and soothes fatigue.

The unique massage gives a perfect result.

  • muscles relax, cramps, spasms and pains are relieved;
  • normalizes total and intracellular metabolism, activates blood circulation;
  • The skin is deeply cleansed and its elasticity restored;
  • Returns physical and mental strength, the joy of being.

The session lasts for 90 minutes and the price of this fantastically useful and pleasant procedure in our Dubai SPA is AED 750 only!

Stone massage has been proven to be an excellent remedy for the global problem of our time: chronic fatigue syndrome. Physiological and psychological recovery processes are accelerated, people become immune to stress. We guarantee: a visit to our Bella Spa Massage Dubai will give you a wonderful charge of vivacity and positivity!

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