Six Hands Massage

AED 1300 60 min
AED 1700 90 min

The 6-hand massage is a classic general massage, only it is performed simultaneously by three masseurs. And if one masseur first works on your back, then proceeds to the hands and feet, three masseurs simultaneously massage the entire body. Thus, during one hour the work which a masseur performs during 2-3 hours is fulfilled. Masseurs work synchronously, with the same intensity. The intensity of the massage may be light, or it may be more intense, focusing on certain parts of the body. The massage begins gradually, with one masseur working first, then the second and third. This way the client feels the increase in intensity gradually and has a chance to get used to the new sensations.

To achieve the desired effect, the three masseurs train for a long time on the models in order to work out the movements until there is no clear synchronism between them. In the process of work, the masseurs may change places, and you simply will not be able to catch everything that they do to your body with 6 hands.

What this six hands massage is for

Just like a classic massage, a 6-hand massage is a great way to prevent a huge number of ailments. Its use speeds up the relief of pain, swelling, adhesions, and accelerates the healing of injured tissue. Massage revives the strength of tired muscles and increases their elasticity, restores ability to work, strengthens joints and ligaments, increases metabolism and burns excess fat, has a profound effect on the nervous system, improves blood and lymph circulation.

However, it is important to consider certain nuances. Firstly, a six hands massage is more expensive than a regular massage. Secondly, it is still a rather rare service for our salons, because it is not so easy to collect three trained masters at the same time. Therefore, it is likely that you will not get a course of such massage for therapeutic purposes. This procedure is in demand rather as a source of strong sensations, even as something extreme. As an exotic procedure that will charge you a lot of positive emotions, this massage can be a real gift. And indeed, 6-hand massage can be purchased as a gift for your friends.

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